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We provide Piano Tuning at affordable prices. Andrew, our in-house expert and one of the best piano tuners in Adelaide, has supplied and tuned many Grand pianos in and around our city, for Jazz Festivals, Concerts, Schools, Churches, Womad and many visiting artists including

Piano Tuning in Adelaide is recommended at least once a year depending on the quality of the piano and because of the many working parts, regulation and adjustments that are often needed.  If  your piano is played regularly, it is best to get the piano tuned at least yearly so that its overall pitch remains stable.

Pianos can drop below concert pitch (A440) if left untuned for a long periods of time. Additional costs will be incurred as a follow-up tuning will be required within a few weeks after the initial tuning to stabilise the piano to concert pitch.

Tuning Fees

Upright Pianos
Prices start at $230

Grand Pianos
Prices start at $275

You will be amazed at how good your piano can sound!

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